Cable Grabber Kit FAQ

Will the Grabber kit work on my EPS model?

Yes, the Grabber will work on both EPS and base models.

Does the Grabber bypass the diff lock limiter?

With the Grabber mechanical kit, there are no electronics involved. You can go backwards or forwards at any speed you like without restrictions. We recommend you use caution at speeds above 10 mph with diff lock engaged.

Do you offer a warranty on the Grabber kit?

We stand behind all of our products 100% and we guarantee your satisfaction. If any part of your kit fails at any time under normal operating conditions, we will replace that part free of charge.

Do I need any other parts or supplies to install the Grabber kit? 

Unless you save the gear oil that comes out of your diff, you will need to replace the gear oil.  One quart of your favorite 80W 90 gear oil will be plenty. We use Valvoline 80w 90.

Can I mount my selector lever somewhere other than the handlebars? 

Yes you can. The selector lever can be mounted on the rack or any custom bracket that you have.

How will my 4wd indicator work with the kit?

For No display models with only the light, your 4wd indicator will come on when the kit is in diff lock mode and will go out when it is out of diff lock mode. When you are in 2wd and 4wd, the indication will be shown on the 4wd lever.

For Electronic display models, your 4wd indicator will come on when the bike is in 4wd and stay on when you go to diff lock.