“All-in-one” 4wd Repair Kit for 2015-Up All Models w/Diff Lock



What’s in the package:

Servo motor (motor only), three 4wd relays, and a packet of dielectric grease.

This kit is for those that don’t feel like troubleshooting relays and just want to get the common parts to fix their 4wd. This kit includes all the parts you need to service and repair the most common issues with your 4wd system on 2015 and up models both ATV and SxS. You’ll save money vs buying the individual parts.

With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to service the 3B4/1HP servo and replace the motor inside of them and you’ll also be able to replace all of the 4wd relays. The relays and the servo motor are the most common issues with the Yamaha 4wd system. The kit will also come with a packet of dielectric grease to waterproof your connections.

This kit does not come with tools because unlike the other servos, there are no specialty tools needed. You’ll need a 10 mm socket to remove the servo off the diff and a plain phillips head screwdriver to open it up.

This product as well as most all our parts will also work with the Yamaha Clone side by side and ATV’s to include Massimo, Hisun, Benneche, Coleman, and Big Muddy.


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