O.E.M. Yamaha 4wd Switches for ATV’s w/Diff Lock



Does the face of your switch look like the one in the picture above? If so, use our drop down above to find your specific model.

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If you have a 12-16 Grizzly or Kodiak 700. Click here for a technical service bulletin for the common problem of the push button switch operating on its own. You may can get your switch replaced for free by your local dealer.

Additional information

Year / Model:

07 Big Bear 400 (4S1-83976-08-00), 07 Grizzly 350 IRS (4S1-83976-08-00), 07 Grizzly 700 (4S1-83976-08-00), 08-12 Big Bear 400 (5KM-83976-20-00), 08-14 Grizzly 350 IRS (5KM-83976-20-00), 09-11 Grizzly 550 (5KM-83976-20-00), 08-11 Grizzly 700 (5KM-83976-20-00), 07 Grizzly 450 (5KM-83976-00-00), 03-06 Kodiak 450 (5KM-83976-00-00), 18-up Kodiak 450 (1HP-83976-09-00), 02-08 Grizzly 660 (5KM-83976-00-00), 12-14 Grizzly 550 (1HP-83976-09-00), 12-up Grizzly 700 (1HP-83976-09-00), 16-up Kodiak SE 700 (1HP-83976-09-00), 08-14 Grizzly 450 (5KM-83976-20-00)


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