Chad Sharp

I wanted to send a huge thank you to you guys for this site. I’ve been having issues with my 4wd going in and out on its own, sticking in 4wd, things like that. It’s done it ever since I’ve had the quad. After a hundred or so bucks for a dealership to diagnose, they found nothing. I found your page and started with simple first. When I cleaned the switch itself like your video shows I found nothing to indicate it being the problem. I went ahead and still cleaned and sanded the contacts which looked fine. Put a little dielectric grease on and buttoned her up. Works perfect now. No issues. Goes right in and out weekend I want it to. So a big thank you for saving me a ton of money. When the time comes to ever have to replace any 4wd components, you’ll be the first call I make.

Chad SharpTillamook, Oregon