A real helpful company

So helpful ever time I called . I would highly recommend anyone needing parts to check them out

Saved me alot of money!!

Just wanted to send a huge thanks for your help tracking down my problem. Turned out to be a badly corroded connector in the wiring harness. Cut it off, twisted all the wires together and taped it up really good. Now it’s good to go! All of your videos were a huge help. I’m not very good with electrical issues and even I had the confidence I could do it after watching them so Thanks again! You saved me a very expensive trip to the dealer and helped me learn a little more about my machine


I am in Nova Scotia Canada, and since I ordered my last parts, you were right on with the time when they would arrive, it was great. You’re the only ones I am going to deal with for my Yamaha needs. Here you got alot of young people working the counter and when you ask a question they look at you like you have 3 heads or they say are parts book doesn’t show. So keep up the great work.

Mark Castleberry

What a stand up company, I needed a servo motor installed quick for a buddy of mine. The owner came and met me, brought all the tools and swapped the servo motor on the tailgate of my truck for free! Now that’s good service.

John Mercalde

Just wanted to thank you for supplying me with the parts I needed to get my Grizzly 660 back on the trails.  I ordered the relays I needed and you had the best prices around.  Shipping was super fast!  Thank you 501 parts for great service.

Chad Sharp

I wanted to send a huge thank you to you guys for this site. I’ve been having issues with my 4wd going in and out on its own, sticking in 4wd, things like that. It’s done it ever since I’ve had the quad. After a hundred or so bucks for a dealership to diagnose, they found nothing. I found your page and started with simple first. When I cleaned the switch itself like your video shows I found nothing to indicate it being the problem. I went ahead and still cleaned and sanded the contacts which looked fine. Put a little dielectric grease on and buttoned her up. Works perfect now. No issues. Goes right in and out weekend I want it to. So a big thank you for saving me a ton of money. When the time comes to ever have to replace any 4wd components, you’ll be the first call I make.

Thanks for the YouTube Videos!

I just wanted to let you know that your video on the Yamaha 4wd switch saved me a trip to the dealer and $$$$. Cleaned like you said and bingo it works. Thank you!

Tom Robichaud

I did the sandpaper fix you recommended and put it all back together and the switch engages everytime now. Think that may have fixed it. Just wanted to say a big thank you!